About us

Jewelry designer, Rebecca Barimo has a unique story to tell with each piece of her Le Perdu jewelry line, which she lovingly fashions for her customers.   Her pieces are as unique as their stories.  Rebecca has traveled and made extensive contacts around the world, buying pieces for her jewelry line that cannot be found elsewhere.  Her line contains actual authentic antique pieces ranging from old coins, spoons, bone beads, ancient belt buckles, fresh water pearls, semi precious stones and other artifacts.  When you purchase one of Barimo’s pieces you will also receive a description of the origin and the age of the artifacts that are in that particular piece of jewelry.

Le Perdu is the French word for “lost”.  Ms Barimo seems to get lost in the history of each piece that she painstakingly designs, desiring that her customers share in her enthusiasm and appreciation of the stories behind her line of jewelry.  Her wish is that everyone who purchases one of her pieces of jewelry will feel that they are wearing something truly unique and handcrafted with love.  If you are searching for beautiful, intricate jewelry that is different from all the rest, look no further.  You will be inspired and delighted with the authentic vintage pieces you will discover in Le Perdu.